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Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are the next step in the evolution of modern web applications. They offer a rich, engaging experience that improves user satisfaction and increases productivity. Using the broad reach of the Internet, RIAs can be deployed across browsers and desktops. They promise the richness, interactivity, and usability lacking in many of today’s applications. As with any technology transition, this implies that there are new opportunities to be explored and new challenges to be negotiated.

Benefits of RIAs

RIAs offer organizations a proven, cost-effective way to deliver modern applications with real business benefits:

  • Offer users a richer, more engaging experience
  • Keep pace with users' rising expectations
  • Leverage existing personnel, processes, and infrastructure
  • Cross platform applications.
  • Increase customer loyalty and generate higher profits

Platforms in Practice

  • Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)
  • JavaScript/AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • Microsoft ClickOnce applications
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Flex Charts
  • Fusion Charts
  • FluorineFX
  • SQLite
  • Papervision 3D
  • WebORB
  • Cairngorm
  • Pure MVC

RIA as Frontend Face with SOA

In the last few years, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has gained acceptance as an architectural paradigm to organize and manage enterprise resources as loosely coupled services that can be orchestrated to compose business processes. While enterprises are revamping their middle and back-end technology stacks using SOA, they are challenged to make these services available to end-users in an interactive and intuitive way.

RIAs will help in unleashing the true power of an SOA enterprise. While enterprise business logic and data are exposed as services (business and data) using SOA, RIAs will help these services to reach their intended end-users in an interactive, intuitive, and intelligent way. These services may not only be SOAP web services but also simple REST services or xml-rpc services.

RIA technology like Adobe FLEX is applied by emvia to develop cutting-edge integrated Web solutions that deliver extraordinary results. We have proven expertise in Rich Internet Application Development for simple to complex web sites. With the help of RIA, the enterprise software vendors are extending the reach of their systems to business users’ media-rich interactive applications.